After many years of faithful service to the Devonport Tennis Club, Gray Hiller has retired from the tennis coaching side of the club. He continues as the Club Operator. From 1st January 2022 Philippa (Pip) Martin after a number of months of transitioning with Gray's guidance began as the Head Tennis Coach for the Devonport Tennis Club. 

Pip grew up on the North West Coast and as a junior tennis player was coached by Gray. As an 18 year old she went to the USA on a Full Tennis Scholarship to the Division 1 University of Nevada, Reno. After 7 years in the US, Pip returned to Tasmania in 2000. She married Paul Martin (yes they have the same surname) an American. 

Pip's re involvement in tennis began when their two children began taking an interest in tennis. 

Pip loves children to keep moving and find a sport that they enjoy. She loves children trying tennis to discover if this is a sport for them. All skill levels and ages are most welcome. New players are always welcome. 

There are quite a few options during the week for tennis lessons. The most important thing is to match each player to the right skill level group, as then it is more enjoyable for everyone.  If you are interested in coaching please contact Pip on 0438 687 542 or devonporttennis@yahoo.com.