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Our mission is to grow, promote and showcase the sport of tennis recognising the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of tennis.

Our coaches honestly “love tennis”! The DHA Tennis Academy team is lead by head coach Darren Ha who is a highly professional and qualified Tennis Australia coach.

Darren picked up his first racket when he was just 3 years old and hasn’t looked back since! His passion and skill in tennis has led him to compete in National and International tournaments and in the highest level of competition in the NSJTA. Darren is currently coaching nationally ranked players and loves working with children, especially the cheeky ones! He loves spending his spare time with his beloved family and friends and their children.

The opportunity is provided for players of all ages and standards to improve their tennis with professional tennis coaching.


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Currently we offer the following programs at Albion Tennis Club:

● Cardio Tennis

● Adult Program Squad

● Tennis in Schools

● Mothers Group Lessons

● Professional Tennis Hitting Partner

● Restringing & Equipment Services

● High Performance Tennis Training (Ascend Program)

● ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

● Private Lessons

● Group Lessons

● Squad Training

● Match Play Sessions

● Full Time Training

● Morning Programs

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● Pee Wee Tennis – For 4 to 7 Year Olds (Red Stage for Hot Shots) – see for more details.

● ANZ Hot Shots – For 5 to 12 Year Olds – see for more details.

● Cardio Tennis – An exciting new program which incorporates fitness and tennis for adults – see for more details.

● Group Lessons – Played on full size tennis courts with a ratio of 1 coach to 6 pupils (maximum)

● Private / Semi Private Lessons – One on One or Two on One with the coach.

● Focus Squads for current pupils – squads are based on player level, And run for 90 minutes per week. Maximum 8 per class.

  • Adult Program Squad (18 and over) – 4 to 6 in group – Intense training involving drill work,tactics,match play, tennis specific fitness and advanced technical development.
  • Tennis School – A basic introduction to forehand, backhand, volley, serve and co-ordination skills. First time on the tennis court, basic scoring, procedures and rules.
  • Mothers Group Lesson – Developing technique, footwork, scoring, match play, rules and court positioning.
  • Professional Tennis Hitting Partner – This program is design to help you hit and hone your skill during a hit out session (No Coaching).
  • Re-Stringing and Equipment Services – Sales of tennis apparel & racquets ECT.
  • High Performance (All ages) – Two hours of intense training (no coaching), with a maximum of six players per coach. For players of all standards.
  • High Performance (All ages) – Private one on one two hours of intense training (1st hr no coaching hit out session only) 2nd hr drills combine with hit out.
  • Match Play Session – Tactical advice, match play analysis will discover the secret of your success or failure.
  • Full time Training – This program is design for tennis players that wants to take there tennis to another level, i.e. this program will assist young aspiring players of becoming pro.
  • Morning Program / Fitness Workout – This program is design for the early bird tennis players that wants nothing but a workout. For the flat footed players, foot work drills will improve your fitness, stamina, court speed. Great fitness workout to loose weight

For more enquiries contact:

Darren Ha – Head Coach

(T.A.C.M. Club Professional Coach)

Mobile – 0422 483 097