How to Renew

If you would like to renew your membership with the Weston Creek Tennis Club, you should receive an email from the Club with instructions on how to renew.

If a member has not renewed by the due date, and no valid reason has been provided (e.g. overseas posting, pregnancy or illness/injury only), membership will be cancelled and the person will still need to pay the full membership fee at any point in the financial year if they decide to renew, however they will not be required to pay the joining fee again. If a member has a valid reason for postponement of membership renewal, the membership secretary can use his/her discretion to reduce the fee if the person decides to renew in that financial year, and they will not be required to pay the joining fee again either.

If you are having difficulty renewing your membership, please contact the Club's Membership Secretary Brian Chauncy on 0450 961 705 or at

Last Updated 21 April 2020.