Social Tennis

As a small club, Wesley’s principal focus is on social tennis. It does not enter teams in Tennis ACT pennant competition, but is pleased to be affiliated with Tennis ACT and strongly supports its objectives in promoting tennis in the ACT.

While the club is formally part of Wesley Uniting Church, there is no requirement for tennis club members or other users of the courts to be members of Wesley (or any other church), or associated with it in any way (other than playing tennis there). Some existing club members attend this church, some attend other churches and some do not attend any church. All are valued members of the club and new members are also always very welcome.

Members meet to play every Saturday afternoon (weather permitting) at 2 pm (or very soon afterwards), except for the period from the beginning of the calendar year until the end of daylight saving when starting time is 4 pm.

At social tennis, a set consists of 8 games of doubles, so each player serves twice. At the end of each set, we change partners and play against different players.

Members and non-members are welcome to social tennis. Just turn up, no need to notify beforehand. Visitors and potential new members might prefer to contact the club ( in case of an (unlikely) change from normal arrangements.