Social tennis

Social tennis is a great way to play in an enjoyable and supportive environment, which emphasises both the sporting and social sides of the game.  No need to be a member, and no need to book.  Just turn up!  

We have five social tennis sessions every week.  All standards are welcome, provided you can play a social match:   

  • Tuesday morning - 9.00-10.30am  
  • Wednesday morning - 8.00-10.30am 
  • Wednesday evening - 7.30-9.00pm 
  • Thursday morning - 8.00-10.30am 
  • Saturday afternoon - 2.00-4.00pm but if the temperature is forecast to be over 33 degrees then play may be delayed or cancelled 

What is social tennis? 

 Social tennis at YTC is, as the name suggests, a social event. It provides a great opportunity for people of varying ages and playing standards to get together, exercise and share their enjoyment of the game and one another’s company. 

How does social tennis work? 

We provide balls, but you need to bring your own racquet.  Each session is run by a co-ordinator, who organises people into groups and matches.  We usually play eight games and then rotate (rather than full sets), but it depends on the number of people attending, and there is some variation between the different sessions. Most games are doubles and no-one is required to play singles if they don’t want to. 

Each session is run by an organiser who is responsible for, among other things, seeing that all players feel welcome and are included.  The aim is not to match the standards and styles of players. The aim is to provide games which mix players of all standards and provide an enjoyable and inclusive time for all. 

If you can sustain a basic rally you will fit right in. Whilst social tennis is mainly aimed at adult players, teenagers are also welcome if they can hit confidently with adults. A social and supportive approach gives newer players a great opportunity to learn, and more accomplished players can enjoy being tested to keep games interesting for all. 

Socialise afterwards: The social side of tennis at Yarralumla is not limited to what happens on court. Many players also value the opportunity to socialise over tea/coffee afterwards (although this doesn’t happen on Wednesday nights). You are welcome to bring a plate to share, or to just stay around and have a chat. In these COVID times, the coordinator for each session determines the health precautions which will apply for these get-togethers. 

Not feeling confident enough to play social tennis?  Organise a couple of lessons with our fantastic coaches, and they will get your game back in shape in no time!  We are also happy to introduce you to some of our regular players if you are looking for some practice partners. 

Fees are:  members - $2 per session;  non-members / visitors - $7 per session.  Members' fees are capped at $30 per quarter. 

Who can I talk to about social tennis? 

You are welcome to contact any of our social co-ordinators - Terry (Tuesday morning & Wednesday evening), Jill (Wednesday and Thursday mornings) and Maurice (Saturday afternoon).  Please email us at