Child Safety

Child safety is a priority at our club.  Everyone has a role to keep kids safe at the club. 

You can help us by:

  1. keeping an eye out for child safety
  2. calling out anything that is unsafe or doesn't seem right
  3. contacting a club Member Protection Information Officer with any enquiries, concerns or complaints
  4. familiarising yourself with the club's Code of Conduct and Tennis Australia policies (see below)
  5. talking about child safety - ask your coaches or volunteers what they are doing to keep kids safe!

Our Member Protection Information Officers are Jill Circosta (0409 747 639) and Adam Bartlett (0414 405 685).

We require coaches to have current first aid and Working with Vulnerable People clearances.  They are also required to attend child safety training by Tennis Australia and comply with mandatory policies on child safety.

We also screen club committee members and have similar requirements for any club volunteers having contact with children.

Tennis Australia policies:

The key policies are Tennis Australia’s Member Protection Policy and Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct

These are mandatory policies that apply to affiliated clubs and coaches nation-wide and to all members of affiliated clubs.  We also expect anyone coming to the Club to comply with these policies.

Copies of these policies are available on Tennis Australia’s website and a brief overview is available in our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct:

Our Code of Conduct is available here:

Code of Conduct

The code applies to anyone coming to Yarralumla Tennis Club, members and non-members.  This includes all players, coaches, parents/guardians, visitors, guests and spectators who use the Club’s facilities.