Restart of Social Group play - an additional requirement

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There is one catch to our reopening of Social Group play. We are regarded as an outdoor gathering. As a result, we can only have up to 20 people in any one social group. On some days, there will be the need for more than one social group to operate at the same time on a separate group of courts.

On Tuesdays, for example, there will be two groups. Each will use a separate sign-on sheet and separate group of courts. On Thursdays, there may be the need for two groups. If you arrive and there are 20 names on the sign-on sheet on any day, you will need to start a new sheet and player group using a different set of courts to those already in use by the other group present.

This arrangement will require a bit of getting used to but will not last very long and ensure that we are operating in line with the current Public Health Orders.