Complaints and Penalties Policy and Process

Complaints Policy

  1. If any person considers that ant Club Policy or Procedure have been breached they may make a complaint
  2. A complaint must be made in writing to either:
    1. The Club President
    2. The Child Protection Officer
  3. When a complaint is received the complainant will be asked whether they wish the club to -
    1. Listen and advise the complainant about what their options are; and/or
    2. Act as a mediator between the complainant and the alleged offender to try and resolve the complaint by agreement; and/or
    3. Refer the complaint to the relevant authority which may include (but not limited to); Eastern Districts Tennis Association, Tennis SA , SAPOL.
  4. Having determined the complainants wishes the club will -
    1. Act in accordance with the complainant’s wishes
    2. Keep the matter confidential
    3. Inform the relevant government authority, if required by law.


If the Club considers that a person to whom this policy applies, has breached a Club Policy or Procedure, it may impose any one or more of the following penalties:

  • Direct that the offender attend counselling to address their conduct
  • Recommend that the appointment of any role which the offender holds within the club is terminated.
  • Suspend the offender from competition for such period as the club sees fit.

Terminate the membership of the offender with the club