The 2022 membership period at Trinity Beach Tennis Club commences on February 1, 2022 and extends until January 31, 2023.

Full membership includes player insurance, registration with Tennis Queensland and access to the courts for private use by booking through Book-a-Court. While court bookings are free to full members, peak times (evenings) do incur a cost for lights. Full family memberships are available, with the first member paying full cost and each additional family member paying $20 (maximum of 3 additional members).
Full memberships are listed as: 
Single (one person); 
Single + 1 (two family members in total); 
Single + 2 (three family members in total); and
 Single + 3 (four family members in total).

Notes regarding full memberships:
- Early Bird rates apply for a specified time limit at the  
  commencement of the membership period – early February.
- After May, pro rata membership rates apply. 

Junior Membership is a one-off cost of $35 for the year (or part thereof) and is limited to school students (18 years or younger). This membership does not provide access to the courts for private use, but does provide player insurance and registration with Tennis Queensland.

Membership payment is made online at the time of registration

Please Note:
Membership (either Full or Junior) is required in order to participate in any club-run events or Grit Tennis sessions. Exceptions are adults participating in Grit sessions who pay a non-member fee of $5 for each session attended.
Fair Play vouchers up to a total of $150 are available through Trinity Beach Tennis Club. For the club to redeem the full amount of the voucher, the voucher is to be used for full membership, with excess money going towards the coaching program.