Junior Competition

Serpell Tennis Club enters teams into Eastern Region Tennis Association’s junior competitions.

There are two seasons each year, each approximately fourteen weeks in duration. The winter season runs from April to September while the summer season runs from October to March. Exact dates can change, depending on when the school holidays are.

Teams can choose to play either on Saturdays 8:30am to 12:30pm, or Sundays 9:00am to 1:00pm. There are no matches on long weekends or during school holidays.

If your child is interested in playing, please read the additional information below then contact the junior convenor.


Additional Information


Seven “home” matches will be played at Serpell Tennis Club and seven “away” matches at clubs affiliated with the Eastern Region Tennis Association. Most away clubs will be located within 15 km of Serpell Tennis Club.

Frequency of Play

Players should be prepared to play every week.

Membership Requirement

Players must be full junior members of Serpell Tennis Club.

Parental Assistance

Team Duty Parents

Parents must serve as team duty parents as required on a rotational basis, usually three times over fourteen weeks. Responsibilities include the following.

  • Supervise players for the entire match to ensure any mishaps are handled appropriately.
  • Provide morning tea. (No nut products.)
  • Drive all players to away matches and back to their respective homes.

Team Manager

Parents must be prepared to accept the role of team manager for a season, from time to time.

Code of Conduct

At all times, parents, spectators and players must remember that playing tennis should be fun and enjoyable for all involved. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their children play, to socialise with other parents and to encourage and console as required. Visiting teams, and their supporters, should be made to feel welcome and shown where basic amenities are, such as tea and coffee making facilities.


As a player you are representing your team and your club. Do so proudly. How you approach your game will impact on how much success and enjoyment you get from the game. Be ready to play: have with you your racquet, correct clothing including a hat and water bottle; and have had sun screen applied.

When playing at home, make your opposition feel welcome. Introduce yourself and determine the order of play.

When playing away, introduce yourself and ascertain which courts you will be playing on.

Play with purpose. Win with dignity. Lose with grace. Bad language, racquet throwing or abuse is not acceptable.

Above all else, enjoy yourself. It is only a game!

Parents and Spectators

Parents and spectators should not interfere in the games or coach while matches are in progress. Players are encouraged to take responsibility for how the game is conducted, for line calls, the score, and any disputes.

Dress Code

Players must wear appropriate sporting attire. A hat is highly recommended.

No large patterns or logos are permitted on clothing.

Pockets in shorts or dresses are useful for holding the extra ball when serving.

Serpell Tennis Club has a range of clothing available for purchase.

Team Allocations

Serpell Tennis Club will endeavour to put your child in a team that is close to his or her ability; the competition is organised by ability and not by age.


The competition is run by experienced and knowledgeable volunteers. At the start of the season, each team member will be given a roster drawn up by their team manager.

Junior Convenor

Once you have read the information above, should you have any questions, or wish to enrol your child into competition, please contact the junior convenor.