Booking Problems and Solutions

Members  Charged Non-Member Prices

If you log in as a member, and are being charged $20 per hour court hire during the day, or $40 per hour at night, the system is not recognising you as a member. The most common problem is people using two different ways of logging in, typically by email and social media. ClubSpark gets confused and establishes two contact entries for one person, one with membership, and one without. If this is a problem, email the Club at, or contact Michele, the membership secretary, on 0466 662 737 to merge the two contact records. The long term solution is to consistently use only one method to login.

Of course, you may have also forgotten to renew your membership.

Entry Code Does Not Work

If the entry code does not open the gates, the most common problem is that the online booking takes up to half an hour to register with Book A Court in the cloud, and the code won't work until the system updates. Typically the wait is 15-20 minutes, but it can be up to half and hour. It may be possible to get a player already on a court to let you in. 

The long term solution is to book well ahead of time if you can.

Another potential problem may also be duplicate contact records as in the entry above about members being charged non-member prices. You need to contact the club to get the records merged as in the entry above.

Credit Card Does Not Work

Book A Court does not accept AMEX cards because of an issue with Australian Fees for AMEX cards. Payments that fail may appear on a person's statement, but the payment is usually a "pending" or similar state, which means it isn't approved and will disappear, usually in 5-7 business days.

The solution is to use another credit card. If card details are saved on a device or browser, how you switch to another card depends on which operating system and browser is being used.