New Policy for Non-Member Charging

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Members booking courts when non-members are playing as part of the group should add the names of non-members when booking the court. The system will charge $5 per hour for each non-member. The maximum that can be charged is $15 per hour if members book for themselves and three non-members.

A court booking by a non-member continues to be charged $20 per hour.

The previous policy was $10 per session per non-member, regardless of time, but this cannot be implemented under the software used by the Book A Court system.

Regular players are encouraged to join the club.

The Club Committee considers it reasonable that non-members should pay to play, even when playing with a member so they contribute to the upkeep of the courts. Court re-surfacing, for example, needs to be done every 7-10 years at a cost of $50,000 per court to maintain the playability of the surface.