Member Assistance

We are a small club, but growing in numbers.  Nevertheless, we rely heavily on members volunteering to help keep our club going, either for specific jobs – like cleaning the club house or organising a bbq – or by helping us to take day-to-day care of our fantastic facilities.  We cannot afford staff!

Below is a list of things in which we would ask your assistance:

  • Renew your membership annually and ensure that you keep your contact details up to date with the Secretary
  • Return your court and clubhouse keys promptly if you decide not to renew membership
  • Fill out the player or court hire sheet and deposit your money in the “tin” or “slot” prior to start of play
  • Keep the club house and surrounds neat and tidy (put rubbish in the bin, don’t walk inside with dirty feet after rain, wash up cups/glasses after use, and hang up tea towels)
  • Take an active interest in the Club’s security
  • Top up the water jugs kept in the fridge for your convenience
  • Retrieve any balls hit out of the courts personally or by asking a passer-by.

When you finish a session:

  • Collect the balls and return them to the proper locker and lock it
  • Lock the courts
  • Check to ensure that the toilet lights are turned off and the door locked
  • Ensure that the money “tin” has been emptied into a resealable bag and put in the slot with the completed attendance sheet
  • Tidy the counter (edibles into cupboard or fridge) and secure the drop down shutter
  • Check to ensure that the club house lights are off, the kitchen tidy, the refrigerator door shut
  • Ensure all chairs and any lost property are put inside the club house
  • Lock the club house – front and back doors
  • Lock the pathway entry gate
  • Go home to a hot shower and cold drink!
  • Report any damages or problems to a committee member. Or phone 0401146451