North Ringwood tennis club supports the following of competitions:

Night Tennis

Monday                   Ladies Doubles

Tuesday                   Men’s Doubles

Wednesday            Mixed Doubles

Thursday                Open Set Doubles

Please contact Gabby Hutchison on 0400 568 906


Tuesday         (a.m.)   Ladies Doubles    Helen Grabham  0416 273 727

Wednesday  (a.m.)   Ladies Doubles    Merryn Maher      9879 0833

Thursday      (a.m.)   Ladies Doubles    Kym Bircham   0407 884 949

Junior Competition 

Summer 2019 Junior Registration

Saturday      (a.m.) Rubbers, Singles/Doubles or Mixed Sets

Sunday         (a.m.) Singles/Doubles

Please contact Noel Phillips on 0411 115 535

Senior Competition

Saturday  (p.m.)  Mixed, Open, Men’s, Ladies Sets

Please contact Thelma Bomford  0432961582

Tennis Victoria Pennant  Winter April to August

Please contact  Rob Phillips on  0400 828 851

Sunday (p.m)  Summer Senior – October – March

Please contact Thelma Bomford on 0432 961 582

Vets Men’s Thursday Afternoon

Please contact Richard Tamblyn on 0438 432 625