Club Championship Match Schedule

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The latest match draw and results are available here. (The draws are updated regularly)

Friday, 15th March 6PM to 10PM

  • Under 14 Boys Singles (Court 1)
  • Under 14 Girls Singles (Court 2)

Saturday, 16th March 1PM to 5PM

  • Open Men’s Doubles (Court 1,2,5,6)

Sunday, 17th March 1PM to 5PM (Court 3,4,5,6)

  • Under 18 Boys Singles
  • Under 18 Girls Singles

Friday, 22nd March

  • Under 14 Boys Doubles (6PM to 8PM, Court 1,2)
  • Under 14 Girls Doubles (7PM to 9PM, Court 3,4)

Saturday, 23rd March (Court 1,2,5,6)

  • Open Men’s Singles (1PM to 7PM, Court 1,2,3,4,7,8)
  • Open Ladies Singles (5PM to 7PM, Court 5,6)

Sunday, 24th March (1PM to 5PM, Court 3,4,5,6)

  • Open Mixed Doubles
  • Under 18 Boys Doubles (Straight to the Final)
  • Under 18 Girls Doubles (Pending)


All members are welcome to watch.

We will have BBQ on the weekends. Soft drinks will be available to purchase.