2024 Club Championship Winners

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 A heartfelt thank you to the 58 members who stepped up to the challenge across 12 different events. Your passion for tennis and unwavering commitment made this Championship truly special this year. 🙌 Without further ado, let’s unveil the stars who shone brightest:

Open Mens Singles

  • Winner: Stuart McNeice
  • Runner-up: Kasper Fitzgerald

Open Ladies Singles

  • Winner: Jenny Peng
  • Runner-up: Marianne Chang

Open Mens Doubles

  • Winner: Stuart McNeice / Kasper Fitzgerald
  • Runner-up: Leo Tam / Bobby Lim

Open Ladies Doubles

  • Winner: April Li / Mei He
  • Runner-up: Yiwen Bi / Chia Yeo

Open Mixed Doubles

  • Winner: Stuart McNeice / Jenny Peng
  • Runner-up: Leo Tam / Yihua Chen

U18 Boys Singles

  • Winner: Josh Allan
  • Runner-up: Daniel Chen

U18 Girls Singles

  • Winner: Jenny Peng
  • Runner-up: Marianne Chang

U18 Boys Doubles

  • Winner: Josh Allan / Neil Behl
  • Runner-up: Lucas Louey / Richard Xu

U14 Boys Singles

  • Winner: Lucas Louey
  • Runner-up: Clark Burlinson

U14 Girls Singles

  • Winner: Marianne Chang
  • Runner-up: Arynne Choi

U14 Boys Doubles

  • Winner: Augustin Kao / Clark Burlinson
  • Runner-up: Dylan King / Samuel Zhang

U14 Girls Doubles

  • Winner: Arynne Choi / Ailey Poon
  • Runner-up: Cleo Burlinson / Amber Chang


Thanks for all the volunteers and we look forward to the next Club Championships.