Nathalia Lawn Tennis Club is renowned for its long running Easter Tennis Tournament. The Community Bank Nathalia Easter Tournament attracts players and families from throughout Victoria for its inclusive and relaxed atmosphere.

The 2024  Nathalia Easter Tennis Tournament will be held from 29 March - 1 April, 2024. 

Entries will open on Friday, February 8th 2024.

Entries will close Friday, March 22nd at 11.59 pm


All entrants are requested to familiarise themselves with the following conditions of entry

1. The Committee shall have the entire control of the tournament and players must abide by

its decisions.
2. Play will commence at 9:00am each day and 11am for Friday’s junior events.

3. Players will be limited to two minutes hit up before a match.

4. The Committee reserves the right to, require a player to withdraw from a particular event, vary the number of sets or games in any match, or combine or cancel events where insufficient entries are received, should the need arise. The NLTC synthetic courts may be used to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the program.

5. OPEN SINGLES and DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPS lead up rounds will be played first to 10 games, with a tie-break at 10 all. The semi-finals will be played best of 3 sets, with tie-breaks at 6 all. The third set will be decided with a 10 point ‘super tie-break’.

6. OPEN SINGLES and DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPS: Where possible, all lead up rounds and semi finals will be played on Friday. Semi finals will be played on Saturday morning. The FINAL of the SINGLES will be played best of 3 tie-break sets commencing at 3.30 pm SATURDAY. The FINAL of the DOUBLES will be played best of 3 sets commencing at 3.30 pm SUNDAY. Players who make the SINGLES and/or DOUBLES FINAL(S) may still play in the Round Robin events on Saturday and Sunday.

a) Event Winners: In all A grade events court winners will play a final.Trophies will be awarded to the winner and runner up. In grades B ,C and Social C, trophies will be awarded to group winners only. In the event of a pair withdrawing prior to the final set, all sets previously played by that pair are forfeited. In the event of two pairs on a court scoring exactly the same number of games both for and against, the winners will be the pair winning the most sets. If still no decision, the pair winning the set between the two pairs will be the winners.
b) Grade: Players who won a graded event in the previous year are asked to enter a higher grade or may remain in the same grade at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
c) Three for Two: A team of three may enter the Men’s, Women’s Mixed graded doubles at any suitable grade. This format is intended for those who would benefit by the inclusion of a third player in order to get through their sets. Two players must enter the event online. Also the three players’ names must be entered before the event by emailing tennisnathalia@gmail.com. The team can decide on any combination for each of their sets, but cannot substitute once a set is underway. The team can win the court, however only two trophies shall be awarded.
d) Handicap Cup: This is a pairing of an experienced and less experienced player for example a parent and child of any gender. The experienced player will be handicapped by either playing with their non-preferred hand or by using a junior racquet. This court is intended to be the equivalent of C Grade or Social C Grade.
e) Veterans’ 50+ Rotating Doubles: Individual entry with rotating doubles partners for each match.

e) Gender: Gender-diverse and non-binary participants are welcome to play in the events in which they feel most comfortable.

a) Age: The age of a player is taken as at the day of the commencement of the event.
b) Gender: In order to allow for more even numbers in each age group, these will be mixed gender events. Players will be grouped by age and if numbers allow, players will also be grouped according to experience and ability. Trophies will be awarded to group winners and runners up.
c) Fast Four: Intended for juniors just beginning match play. Four game sets. Sudden death duece. Five point tie break at 3 games all. The committee shall enlist adults to assist with scoring.
d) Hotshots: Sessions will be held on Friday and Monday for children too young to participate in a round robin event. Participants may join one or both hotshots sessions. These sessions will run for 45 minutes and all participants will receive a participation pack.