Over the Net and In - Coaching at Murwillumbah Tennis Club

Coach Irene is here to help students and adults achieve their goals in an inclusive environment. Tennis lessons, Pickleball Skills and Drills as well as Social Play and Teen Pickelball are available for all ages and abilities.

Bring your water bottle, hat, and joggers. We provide the equipment.

Tennis Lessons: sign up here

 Are you ready to take your tennis game to new heights? Our Development coach at Over the Net and In is here to guide you through personalized lessons that cater to your skill level. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an advanced player wanting to hone your skill, we've got you covered.

Adults Group lesson avalible 6:30pm Wednedays during school term

Term 2 schedule coming soon!!!!

Pickleball Skills and Drills:

Introducing our Pickleball Skills and Drills program! Discover the thrill of pickleball and enhance your skills with our specialized training sessions. From mastering the fundamentals to advanced strategies, our coach will ensure you're ready to enjoy stepping on to the pickleball court.

Social Pickleball Sessions:

Our social play sessions are the perfect opportunity to put your newly acquired skills into action while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. It's not just about improving; it's about having a blast on the court!

Session Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9am Social Play     Social Play
4:30pm       Teens
5:30pm   SPECIAL SESSION ($20/person) Women and Girls* Skills and Drills
6:30pm Social Play 6-8pm Introductory Skills and Drills with coach avi (April 16 and 23)   Social Play

*Please note these are noncoached sessions

Equipment is provided for every session

For more details please contact Coach Irene by email overthenetandin@gmail.com phone 0494 068 437 send a text if not answered