Social Tennis

Social Tennis is available for adults looking for FUN & EXERCISE without the need to commit on a regular basis.

Enrol by clicking Here prior attending  for first time OR just turn up & we will help you to enrol.

Mondays  7pm - 9pm (lights after dark), $6 adults, free for Competition Members, $3 children (see Age below). Payment by card/mobile/watch/cash.

Monday Night Social Tennis is designed for single players, you don't need to come with a group. Of course you can come as a group but you will not be playing all the time as a group. We will pair you up for about 3-4 matches of Fast4Tennis rules. These rules are great for quick matches at the end of the working day. So each time you will play with someone else against someone else. That way you will get to know lots of people and have some fun with new tennis friends.

Fridays  9am - 11am, $5 adults, free for Competition Members, $3 children (see Age below). Payment by card/mobile/watch/cash.

Friday Morning Social Tennis is usually played up to 6 games per set. It will suit people who have time during Friday Morning such as shift workers, part-time or casual workers, looking for work, living with disability, retired or young mothers with spare 'me-time'.

Age: Children under 18 years old must be able to play Social Tennis standard and be accompanied by parent/guardian.  Suitability must be agreed by Social Tennis Coordinator of that session or contact the President.