Rules of Mornington Tennis Club

The Mornington Tennis Club and Centre have rules that all members and non-members must adhere to whilst using the facility.


It is with upmost importance that all users maintain their court when they book to play.

Water the Court

  • water the court before play
  • water the court between sets
  • water the courts after play

Sweep the Court

  • sweep the court from the net to the back fence between sets
  • sweep the court from the net to the back fence after play


Our club has an exculsive coaching rights agreement with Elite Tennis Academy. Coaching is only permitted by their coaches. 

Coaching aids are not permitted without management approval.

Coaching aids include: baskets of balls, hoppers, trolleys etc. A maxium of 10 balls per court is permitted.

(More than 10 balls is permitted if using a ball machine)


  • Full names of all players MUST be included on the booking every time you play
  • Firstname.LastName   ie  JOHN.SMITH
  • Will accept first name only if all players for that booking are in a current Family Membership
  • Members who wish to bring a guest will be required to pay a guest fee of $10 per hour
  • You MUST play on the Court booked.
  • If names are not entered, 3 notifications will be sent as a reminder then membership may be suspended or cancelled.  Bookings are monitored regularly.