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Merimbula Tennis Club Inc is located at Kalinda Street off Sapphire Coast Drive.

Mailing Address: P O Box 231, Merimbula. NSW 2548



2023-2024 Committee consists of;

President: Mr Steve Crammond 

Vice President: Mr Mark Jorgensen

Secretary: Matt Stroud

Treasurer: John Rheinberger

Committee Members:  Marty Grimwood, Grant Woodbridge, Dion Grobbelaar & Grant Smith

Public Officer: Michael Quinlan

Club Coach: Hans Zeegers


Code of Conduct

Merimbula Tennis Club

April 2023


Merimbula Tennis Club (MTC) is a family friendly club that respects the rights of its members and the community which it serves.

Competition play is governed by the ITF Rules of Tennis as adopted by Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia and Tennis Australia’s Code of Behaviour as applicable to member associations. In addition, this general Code of Conduct has been developed from Tennis Australia resources and is applicable to all players including members, casual court hire users and other visitors to MTC.

All players are expected to abide by this Code and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.


Code of Conduct

Players using MTC facilities should be always mindful and considerate of other members. Behaviour that interferes with the enjoyment of other players will not be tolerated.

Members should show care and respect when using equipment provided by the club.  Damage to the facility or accidents must be reported to a committee member promptly.

Members should refrain from any form of harassment towards, or discrimination of others. Offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated within or in the surrounds of the club.

Members should not engage in behaviour likely to cause offence or injury to any other person on the premises. Any member or visitor will be asked to leave the premises if it is deemed that person is showing signs of intoxication.

Members and Visitors are required to be neatly and appropriately attired both on the tennis courts and in the clubhouse.



Grievance procedure

In the event that there is an alleged breach of this Code, the person(s) aggrieved may lodge their grievance in writing with the Secretary of MTC, clearly stating the date, time and nature of the alleged infringement.

The grievance will be considered within a reasonable timeframe by the Disciplinary Tribunal comprising the President, Vice President and Secretary.

The Disciplinary Tribunal will investigate the grievance to substantiate or disprove the claim made by interviewing the affected parties or by whatever other means it chooses.

The Disciplinary Tribunal will inform the General Committee of its findings and recommendations. The General Committee will decide what penalty will be imposed, if any.

Should the player be found to have committed the breach, the General Committee will impose a penalty consistent with the severity and circumstances of the breach. Should the severity of the breach warrant, membership may be suspended or cancelled.

The decision of the General Committee is final.





How to find us

Merimbula Tennis Club
Kalinda Street
P O Box 231
New South Wales

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