Welcome to Learmonth Park Tennis Club


This is a small club located in Learmonth Park, Cnr of Lawson and Jenner Streets in Hamilton NSW.

  • Number of courts: 2
  • Synthetic Grass
  • $14 per hr - day hire (Members - $12)
  • $20 per hr - night hire (Members - $16)
  • Enter '#' after the pin code
  • Pin codes last from 15 min before thru to 15 mins after bookings

The lights aren't automatically triggered yet but it's coming in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for some images of the court lights switch which looks like a standard light switch located to the right of the toilet door.

If there's nobody else playing when you leave. Please turn off any lights and close both the clubhouse door and  the gate. They are self locking but please double check that they have been closed properly. Thank you.

  • The club does have minimal kitchen facilities (i.e. sink, jug, AC outlet). These should be cleaned after use. 
  • Please bring (and take away) your own water, food, towels and tissues. Avoid sharing food and drink.

How to find us

Learmonth Park Tennis Club
Cnr Lawson St & Jenner Parade
New South Wales

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