Competition tennis is available for adults and kids of all skill levels and abilities.

Seniors: We currently have 5 teams playing in the Waverley & District Tennis Association (WDTA) on Saturday afternoons. There are 2 seasons per year with play starting at 1pm. We have teams competing in the Open Singles/Doubles (both males and females in the same team with generally 3 team members), Men’s Doubles (generally 5 men per team) and Mixed Doubles (generally 3 men and 3 ladies per team).

Mid Week Ladies: We currently have Ladies’ Doubles teams in 2 Associations. There are 2 seasons per year with play starting around 10am. We have teams competing in Dandenong & District Tennis Association & MEMRLTA on Tuesdays.

Nights: We currently have 2 teams playing in the WDTA Open Doubles night competition. Both teams play on Tuesday nights with generally 5 players in each team. There are 2 seasons per year with play starting at 7.30pm under lights.

Juniors: There are lots of options for those under 18 years old wanting to play competition. We have the option to enter teams in either the Berwick & District Tennis Association or WDTA. Play starts around 8.30am on Saturdays or 9am on Sundays. There are 2 seasons per year with formats played as either sets or rubbers. Teams can vary from Singles/Doubles, Doubles or Triples depending on the Association chosen and player’s skill level. We usually enter teams in the Open sections with no restrictions on the number of males or females in each team.

New players are always welcome.

Please call Glenn 0409 165 349 or Liane 0425 844 926 for further information.