Geilston Bay Tennis Club Pre paid Visitor Card

Welcome to the Geilston Bay Tennis Club Pre paid Visitor Card, the card entitles you to 10 visits to the Club, either to participate in social tennis or to use the courts for your own tennis during organised social sessions. The aim of the card is to extend the Club’s current limited visitor rights into an on-going arrangement for those players not looking to commit to Club membership at this stage.

The card may be used for multiple visitors at one session but multiple visits must be recorded on the card.

Social tennis is organised on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings from 10.00 am to ~ 12.00 noon and on Tuesday evening from 7.00 pm to ~ 9.00 pm



You must have the Card when visiting the Club

You must have your visit marked by the Social Tennis Co-ordinator

The Card includes the cost of any social tennis fees should you participate

The Card does not include light fees, currently $5.00 per court per hour

The Card does not entitle you to participate in pennant or championship matches


The cost of the Card is $50.00


Application for Pre Paid Visitor Card