Racquet Restringing & Pro Shop

Elite Tennis Academy provide a professional racquet re-stringing service at the club.

  • All racquets are strung using Head TE-3300 Electronic Machines.
  • Experienced stringer with 15+ years knowledge and experience

Pro Shop Items Available:

  • Cans of New Balls (Head)
  • Over Grip & Replacement Grips
  • Vibration Dampeners 
  • Junior Racket & Adult Rackets

Racquet Restringing Pricelist:

Own String Supplied by the customer - labour costs only. $25
Head Synthetic Gut PPS A solid multifilament string that perfectly combines power, control, and comfort for club players. It features the same solid nylon core wrapped by thicker multifilaments, but the difference lies in the PowerStrip Technology. $35
Head Sonic Pro Part of a rapidly growing crop of control strings that build higher levels of feel, comfort and playability into a very durable package. $40
Head Lynx A co-polyester string designed to give aggressive players the needed control to attack the ball. Unlike traditional polyester strings, Lynx is made with special additives to boost comfort, power and touch. $40
Head Sonic Pro Edge Offering the same comfort and power level as its brother, the Sonic Pro, but has one tiny difference. It comes in a pentagonal shape, which allows ultimate spin. Sonic Pro Edge is for club players who need control support and extra spin. $40
Head Lynx Edge Lynx Edge adds a shaped profile to one of their most surgical co-polys. Ideal for strong intermediate and advanced players looking for big spin. $40
Head Hawk Touch Offering phenomenal control on full swings, Hawk Touch is comfortably firm and very spin friendly. Great for intermediate and advanced players. $52
Head Lynx Tour As a co-polyester monofilament, this string will give you the control to attack the ball with your most powerful strokes. Players looking for extra spin will appreciate the bite they get from this string's shaped profile. $40
Head Velocity Head delivers great value with this comfortable multifilament. In addition to its phenomenal all-around playability, this multi comes with a low-friction coating for extra durability. $45
Luxilon Alu Power One of most popular strings on the ATP Tour, it offers good power, durability and control. A recommended choice for big hitters. $60
Luxilon Alu Power Rough This textured version of ALU Power is designed to put a tight grip on the ball for increased spin. The string is not quite as durable as ALU Power, but still a very durable string. $60
Luxilon Big Banger Original Big Banger Original offers excellent control and plenty of spin while maintaining tension. Preferred by many tour professionals. $60
Luxilon Adrenaline A crisper, firmer feeling Luxilon with excellent control. Offers the kind of control big hitters need. $50
Luxilon 4g With its firm feel and precise response, this is a great option for big hitters who crave control on fast swings. Best seller at intermediate levels. $60
Wilson Sensation Multifilament that provides high levels of feel and comfort. Suitable for flat ball strikers at club level. $40
Babolat RPM Blast This extremely popular co-poly is used by Rafael Nadal and offers a nearly unmatched combination of spin and control. It possesses above average power for a firm control string. $45
Babolat Pro Hurricane A medium firm co-poly with a phenomenal blend of control, spin and durability. This string is a great option for hard hitting intermediates and advanced players with long, fast strokes. $45
Yonex Polytour Pro This co-poly has above average comfort for a firm monofilament. A great option for the player who wants exceptional control, spin and durability without the high impact shock that comes with firm monofilaments. $50
Volkl Cyclone This gear shaped co-polymer string provides tremendous bite on the ball allowing excellent access to spin. Offers good durability and nice ball pocketing. Great value for money. $45