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Newsletter 2023

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Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of Baseline.  This has been a very busy 12 months the new modgrass courts almost complete and four ent te cas courts will then be repaired, fencing taken down and replaced and new lighting installed.

This we understand is going to be difficult for members in trying to get access to courts and we apologise for the inconvenience which we are hoping is short term in nature.

Recently the courts have suffered greatly from the hot weather with members not watering courts properly before play and as a result we have had to close courts down to repair them. It is extremely important that courts are well watered prior to playing on them. This protects both the court and the member. A dry court is slippery and dusty underfoot. The courts when properly watered, but not overwatered provide the best surface to play on.

I MUST impress on every member that the care of the courts and clubhouse in your responsibility and for your benefit. Proper bagging and watering is the most important way to maintain and care for the courts and any member not aware of how to do this should contact the committee or coach and ask for instruction on the correct methods. Watering and bagging from Baseline to Baseline is not the way.

Another important point going forward after the reconstruction, is all member must have proper footwear, Joggers will no longer be accepted due to do the damage they do to the courts. All members must endeavor to purchase correct footwear. Refusal to play on the new courts will be embarrassing. We the committee are taking these steps for your benefit in upgrading the facilities of the club, and providing you with the best courts we can, for your enjoyment.

We are excited by the progress being made by the new coaching group BTS Tennis and the steps they are taking to grow the club and we are seeing the benefits of these actions with the introduction of a new team of juniors in competition this season, giving the club a second team for the first time in a long while. I am very happy to report that children are doing quite well and enjoying the game.

We also have Pennant tennis returning to the club, with the club for the first time ever, entering a team in the top tier of Pennant competition. This is all due to the work done by the committee and the coaching group. Promoting the club in the eyes of the tennis community in this state. The club were successful in Winning the State grade pennant for 2023 with our coach, Chanchai Sookton-eng being named MVP for the competition in what was an outstanding season of tennis.

Remember the pain we go through now will reap the rewards to come, with improved courts and lighting and an efficient booking system for booking courts one the new upgrade is complete.

Current court availability we know it very tight and members are upset but this will improve once we have all 6 courts back in action. Currently the coaching group have courts in use between Monday and Friday from about 4 pm until 8:45 pm. Social tennis on these days is very difficult, We recommend the best of all is the weekends for Social tennis. Currently the juniors have the courts on Saturday mornings when home. Sunday is very clear for court availability bar a short period in the mornings. I hope this information is of benefit to those members looking to play socially and get onto a court with less difficulty. We now have 4 courts in play, to further assist social members wanting to play tennis.

The club have a new group of sponsors and we ask that you show some support to the sponsors that are supporting us.

The Victoria Hotel, Jims Laundry Services,

Pasticceria Padova, MBC Accounting, OCC Property and Construction.

ArchTek. Ray White Real Estate, and Tobin Brothers Funerals