Deer Park Tennis Club participate in NSJTA (Juniors) and NSNTA (Seniors). 



Registration is now open for 2021 NSJTA Season 2 - click here for the registration form.

Registration closes Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Forms need to be submitted at the club on a Saturday morning, emailed to the below email address or given to team managers once payment has been made.

Junior Delegate
Paul Adams



The club committee are inviting all members to play competition night tennis with the club in Autumn 2022, subject to current and future Covid-19 rules. Men play on a Thursday evening, Ladies on a Tuesday evening and Mixed doubles on a Wednesday evening, with play starting at 7pm. For more information regarding the format please refer to or email the club. We are expecting strong demand, so please register your interest ASAP!

As we know the current Thursday men's NSNTA Spring night tennis season was cancelled due to Covid-19. We are now planning to enter teams in the Autumn 2022 NSNTA night tennis season, subject to the ever changing Covid-19 regulations, which must be submitted to the association by 26th November, 2021. The Autumn 2022 season will start in February, 2022.

We invite you to advise the club if you intend to play next season before the 19th November, 2021, so that we can select our teams for submission to the NSNTA. Players that have paid their fees, $54 (first nine matches @ $6/match) will not need to pay. However, if you have not paid your fees, please make payment to our club bank account BSB 06 3253 A/c 1095 6580. Memberships can also be paid if they have expired. Team captains can email the club to let the club know if your team will be the same as registered for Spring 2021. Can you please discuss with your team mates? We may have new players forming teams or wishing to join a team, so our numbers are limited to six teams of five players each. Please note that we have received many enquiries about team tennis and demand will be strong. First in first selected. Please do not delay, or you may miss out.

The committee all look forward to our club fielding competition teams in 2022!