Q. What services do you offer?

A.  We have a qualified coach who offers a variety of programs for both children and adults. Please check under ‘Coach Services’ for further details.

Q.  Can I book and play without becoming a member?

A.  Yes. Register online and provide your contact and credit card details. Once registered you are able to re-book at any time without repeating the process.

Q.  What is the benefit of becoming a member?

A.  Reduced rates for Club Social Tennis and court bookings. Access to the club house. Player Accident Insurance through Tennis Australia. (This covers the member only. Members' guests are not covered by this insurance.)

Q.  Are there any restrictions on the number of players per court?

A.  Court Hire - Members and visitors can include five extra visitors per booking.

Q.  What happens if I book a court and am unable to play due to rain or other reason?

A.  You are able to cancel your booking up to one hour prior to the event. Unfortunately you will not be refunded after this time. Please ensure that you are Signing In on the same platform used to make the booking and then use your details to make the cancellation . Your money will then be successfully refunded. 

Q.  How many sessions can I book in advance?

A.  Three sessions only.

Q.  Do you have a pro shop on the premises?

A.  No

Q.  Do you hire equipment?

A.  No.

Q.  What should I wear/bring?

A.  Light comfortable clothing, tennis shoes, sun-visor or cap, sunscreen, sunglasses (if applicable), bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated, racquet and balls.

Q.  Can I join for half a year?

A.  Yes. A half yearly rate is offered for adult or family membership, (see ‘Membership’ section for details).

Q.  I’ve had trouble opening the gate, why?

A.  After entering your unique PIN and ‘return’ symbol (located bottom right of key-pad), press heavily against the middle section of the gate. It can be stubborn at times.  Also after booking your court you need to allow 10 minutes for the system to register the booking and allow access.

Q.  I would like to play tennis socially but haven’t played for some years and feel I may not meet your standard.

A.  We welcome and offer new players three mornings of club social tennis to assess your game. The first session is free. If we feel you need a little more practice after the three sessions, we will suggest you arrange a few lessons with our coach to bring you up to standard.

Q.  How do I activate the court lights for night tennis?

A.  Your PIN code and ‘return’ symbol MUST be entered on the key-pad at the entry gate. This will activate the lights for the length of YOUR booking.

Q.  Are toilet facilities available?

A.  Non members can access Council toilets which are adjacent to the club house.  THESE TOILETS WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL JUNE AND PORTALOOS ARE AVAILABLE NEAR THE EXISTING TOILETS. Members have access to toilet facilities in the Club House.

Q.  Are there any seated shaded areas available?

A.  All players can access the wire enclosed seating area at the rear of the club house.