The Braddon Tennis Club Committee currently comprises:

President: Ronny Reichelt

The president has the highest leadership position of the club and overall responsibility for the club’s administration.

The president’s functions include—

  • serving as a representative and spokesperson for the club
  • leading the annual planning of the club
  • facilitating effective management of club/committee meetings
  • guiding effective decisions for managing and operating the club
  • ensuring members adhere to the rules of the club
  •  helping to build and maintain a positive culture within the club.


Secretary: Charlene Emery

The secretary (also public officer) is the person who maintains the records of the club, as required under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991.

The secretary’s functions include—

  • calling meetings of the club, including preparing notices of a meeting and of the business to be conducted at the meeting, in consultation with the president of the club
  • keeping minutes of each meeting
  • keeping copies of all correspondence and documents relating to the club
  • maintaining the club’s register of matters.


Treasurer: Jacqui Marsden

The treasurer is responsible for keeping the finances of the club healthy so the club can achieve its objectives.

The treasurer’s functions include—

  • collecting and receiving all amounts owing to the club and making all payments authorised by the club
  • keeping correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the club, including all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the club
  • tracking, projecting and reporting club finances.


Membership Secretary: Jess Hurley

The membership secretary is responsible for managing and growing the membership of the club.

The membership secretary’s functions include—

  • communicating with prospective and current members regarding membership with the club, including when fees are due
  • keeping and maintaining a register of members including member details (name, address, contact), class of membership and financial status
  • helping to grow the membership of the club.


Communications and Social Media Officer: Annabelle Fisher

The communications and social media officer’s functions include—The communications and social media officer is responsible for stakeholder communications (internal and external) and profile raising for the club.

  • managing the club’s email inbox
  • maintaining and developing content for the club’s online communication and engagement platforms (website, Facebook, etc)
  • developing grant applications, correspondence and promotional material
  • helping to raise the profile of the club.


Property Management Officer: vacant

The property management officer is responsible for managing and maintaining the property of the club, including the use of its facilities.

The property management officer’s functions include—

  • parking management and inspection
  • overseeing maintenance and repairs, including contractors
  • developing and managing special projects to enhance the facilities and services of the club.


Club Coach: Myles Emery

*selected and appointed by the committee under agreement for a defined period.

The club coach plays a crucial role in building a culture of participation and development in the club, through tennis programs, skills development and advice.

The club coach’s functions include—

  • providing tennis programs, incorporating individual and group coaching, and social and competitive tennis
  • providing a positive environment for players to develop skills, tactics, teamwork and enjoyment of the game
  • providing expert advice to the committee and players based on knowledge and experience in tennis
  • ensuring courts and equipment are maintained for quality and safety
  • actively increasing participation and development at the club.


All enquires to the Committee can be directed to