Terms of use

Adamstown Rosebud Tennis Club Inc.
1 Bryant Street, Adamstown NSW 2289

Terms and Conditions

COVID-19 safe practices:

By attending at Rosebud, you agree to strictly comply with these protocols

 Do not attend or play tennis at Rosebud if you:

  •  have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  •  have been overseas in the last 14 days
  •  have flu-like symptoms
  •  have a weakened immune system
  •  have diabetes
  •  have a chronic medical condition, such as a lung condition or kidney failure.

 Attending ARTC Courts
Attendance and playing at the Facility must at all times be in accordance with the NSW Public
Health COVID-19 Order
and Tennis NSW COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines

  •  If possible, please download the COVIDSafe app and keep it running whilst at the Courts.
  •  Bring your own hand-sanitiser.
  •  Arrive and leave as close as possible to when you need to be there.
  •  No direct contact between players.
  •  Keep 1.5 metres away from other people while watching or attending tennis activity.
  •  Do not share water bottles, and please bring your own full bottle.
  •  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand-sanitiser when available, before and
  • After eating, after going to the toilet, sneezing and coughing.
  •  Cover your coughs and sneezes and dispose of any used tissue immediately.
  •  Avoid touching your face.
  •  Be aware of what surfaces you touch.
  •  No social gatherings.
  •  No food to be prepared or consumed in the Clubhouse.

Tennis Activities

  •  A maximum of 4 fully vaccinated players per court and no more than 30 fully vaccinated players at the centre at any one time.
  • Unvaccinated players: strict maximum of two per court
  •  Wash/sterilise your hands before and after you play.
  •  Do not touch your face after touching a ball, racquet or other tennis equipment.
  •  Use new racquet grips where possible.
  •  Clean all tennis gear after use, including racquets, balls and towels (racquets to be cleaned with
  • alcohol-based disinfectant

Cleanliness of our Centre

  • No eating on the Courts, and please use bins provided (all off Court) for the disposal of rubbish.
  • Please leave the Courts and Clubhouse clean and tidy for the next players to use and enjoy.
  • Rosebud is strictly a non-smoking facility.

Respecting our neighbours
There are residential dwellings nearby. We respect the amenity of our nearby residents and we
ask the same of our players. Any inappropriate behaviour reported to Rosebud will lead to
forfeiture of the use of the Court(s).
 Access to the Courts is by 4 digit code. You can get your own code by booking online here.
 For further information see “Court Hire Bookings” below.
 There is a combination lock for the Clubhouse. The access number will be provided when you
book a court online.
 Any unauthorised access to the Facility will be reported to police.
 If you are interested to become a member of Rosebud, please email The Secretary at
or call 0458 310 099. All applications are subject to acceptance by
the Committee and a minimum standard of play requirement will be imposed.
 Regular coaching at the Courts is provided by David Peart. You may contact David by email
or phone: 0410 635 361. David is not employed by Rosebud and his
coaching is independent from Rosebud. David conducts his coaching activity in accordance with
Tennis NSW guidelines.

Court Hire Bookings
You can book a Court at Rosebud online at the Skedda site: https://rosebud.skedda.com/booking.
• All bookings are subject to Skedda’s “Terms & Conditions for Venue Users”, available on the
Skedda site when you book.
• Your personal details when you book are subject to the Skedda privacy policy, available on the
Skedda site.
• We require  online payment for all permanent and casual bookings.
• Payments by credit card are processed by global payments company Stripe. Rosebud does not
access or store your credit card details. All information on the Stripe platform is encrypted. Your
use of the Stripe platform is subject to the Stripe terms & conditions of use and its privacy policy.
• Your credit card will not be charged until your booked time to play, however Rosebud may charge
it later if the booking isn't cancelled and no alternative means of payment have been arranged.
• You can cancel or change a booking any time before it begins. Please give as much notice as
possible so your court time can be used by another player.
• For all bookings that are affected by unplayable weather or have been cancelled in the required
space of time, we will not charge your credit card or we will grant you a refund.
• Please contact Rosebud via email (rosebud@amarina.com.au) or phone (0412 731 080) in the
event of any court booking cancellations.
• Time extensions and use of additional unbooked courts is not free of charge.
• Please book online if you wish to extend your booking.
• We will not cancel for light rain. Our courts normally dry in 15 to 20 minutes if the rain is light.
• No-shows or cancellations after the booked time will not be credited.
• We may cancel any booking at short notice. If so, we will contact you and re-assign a different
time or court or give a refund if deemed appropriate.
• We may cancel any bookings in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions.
Court Hire Fees
• Court hire fees are $14.00/court/hour during the day and $16.00/court/hour for hires from 5.00pm.
• We may make changes to our court hire fees without notice.
Casual Court Hire
• Payment for casual hires is by credit card. Further details are on our online Skedda booking site.
Permanent Court Hire
• Regular bookings for a specific time each week are at the discretion of Rosebud.
• If a regular booking is made, the time reserved is not for an indefinite fixture and we may
cancel the booking at any time.

Regular hirings October 2021

Permanent hirers may hire Courts at ARTC on the following conditions:

If a person or group of people wish to ‘permanently’ hire a court:

  1. A member of ARTC must meet with them once, to explain the new requirements as stated below; and
  2. They must sign a document whereby they agree to abide by these conditions and NSW Health Orders and to indemnify ARTC if ARTC receives a health order penalty or similar due to their breach of these conditions or NSW Health Orders.
  3. Each person playing under the booking to provide their COVID-19 vaccination certificate. For details on how to do so, contact rosebud@amarina.com.au.
  4. The hirer books each Court through Skedda, in accordance with past arrangements to book ARTC courts. However at time of booking on Skedda, they are to advise the players who they are playing with, so that the ARTC booking administrator can check vaccination status from the info provided. The only people who may play doubles on the hired court are those who have been named on the Skedda booking and cleared by the booking administrator as being fully vaccinated. THIS REQUIREMENT MUST BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO.
  5. The Clubhouse is available for permanent hirers, however facemasks must be used inside and the normal spacing requirements for indoor venues needs to be adhered to. No congregating in the Clubhouse.
  6. When at the Courts, each player is to always register using the QR code, whether using the Clubhouse or not.
  7. Players who play doubles need to always carry evidence they are fully vaccinated.
  8. Players waiting on the sideline for a Court are to socially distance at all times.