2019-20 Volunteer Grant – Family and Communities Program

In May 2020, Weston Creek Tennis Club was successful in its application for a Volunteer Grant under the Family and Communities Program - Volunteers Grant Activity in 2019-20 of $2,100. The funds will be used to mend the Club's fencing. Thank you to WCTC Vice President Graeme Rossiter for volunteering to paint the fence poles. For a list of successful application, please click HERE.

The Families and Communities Program aims to strengthen relationships, support families, improve well being of children and young people, reduce the cost of family breakdown and strengthen family and community functioning. Volunteer Grants aim to support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering. The grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers. 

Stronger Communities Programme Grant

On 19 February 2020, The Federal Member for Bean, Mr David Smith MP, presented the Weston Creek Tennis Club with a Certificate for its successful application for a $10,000 grant from the Stronger Communities Programme to go towards to installation of new LED lights.

Caption Left to Right: Federal Member for Bean, Mr David Smith MP; WCTC Treasurer Geoff Kotz and Tennis ACT CEO Kim Kachel

ANZ Bank Grant

In 2018, the Weston Creek Tennis Club (WCTC) applied for an ANZ Bank Grant, which was successful and resulted in a grant of $10,000.  This was used to replace the gazebo(s) which were destroyed by vandals over Easter.

Left to Right: Mr Kim Kachel (Tennis ACT CEO), Mr Mark Walton (WCTC Coach), Ms Nadine Maroney (ANZ District Manager), Mr Neil Barrett (ANZ), Mr Geoff Kotz (WCTC Treasurer) and Mr Stewart Back (WCTC President).

New Gazebos

Below are some photos of the new Gazebos that were built using the money the Club received from the ANZ Bank Grant. The photos were taken on Wednesday 6th February 2019.

Last Updated 13 July 2020