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A little bit of History

Townsville Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1911. The association was incorporated in 1991 and changed its name to Tennis Townsville Inc. on 26 September 1995. Tennis Townsville is directly affiliated with Tennis Queensland. Tennis Townsville enjoys an excellent rapport with the business community.

We promote and facilitate participation in tennis at all levels and conduct tournaments and fixtures. The most widely recognised tournaments are:

  • North Queensland Open Tennis Championships
  • North Queensland Wheelchair Tennis Championships
  • North Queensland Junior Age Tennis Championships

Tennis is a game and it’s a passion; it’s an hour of fun and a lifetime commitment. It’s boys and girls, and it’s men and women; it’s all ages, all races, all people everywhere. It’s made for a sunburnt country, a sport we love so much we play it anywhere and everywhere- in the suburbs, in the bush, in the outback and even on rooftops. It’s everybody’s sport. It is the wonderful world of Tennis, Australia’s favourite.

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How to find us

Tennis Townsville
20 Burke Street
North Ward

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