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Self confidence *New

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The role of parents in the training of beginning

Remember parents and coaches are team members

Recovery and the young tennis athlete

Sometimes players what was and what could have been after losing a game of tennis. But undoubtedly a lack of preparation and planning may have given your opponent an advantage on court. So, consider the article below and think about how you can work together to perhaps be better prepared for your net match.

Effective Goal-Setting for Players and Coaches

Additionally, when training to learn and hone your skills to perform the perfect shot on court, spend some time to think about how that shot should look like.

Visualisation in Tennis

We are all members of a great regional tennis club. Without our efforts, our club does not have the open family oriented personality which promotes tennis in a number of generations. With tough times predicted in the future, it is also important to contemplate what you can do to help your own club. Every calorie expended to assist in making your club “shine” is not unnoticed. After reading the following article, consider what could or should be done to improve your own sport enjoyment when playing the sport of tennis. We would welcome your suggestions and comments.

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