Our Sponsors and Partners

Holy Saviour Tennis Club appreciate and acknowledge the following partners and sponsors for their contribution towards the Club.


Holy Saviour Parish  - The Club is located on Parish land and operates under a Licence Agreement with the Holy Saviour Parish.  The assitance and support provided by the Parish to the Club over the last 43 years is invaluable and is greatly appreciated.



Holy Saviour School -  Located in the same Parish land alongside the club, Holy Saviour Parish School has been the number one feeder of future tennis stars to the club for over 40 years. The support and assistance provided by the school is vital for the success of the club.



Bendigo Bank Blackburn South -  Through the generous Sponsorship of the Blackburn South Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank, Holy Saviour Tennis Club in conjunction with Holy Saviour School (Primary) and Pro Touch Tennis Academy will be providing every interested student at the Holy Saviour School with a fully-subsidised term of tennis coaching.

The program will run during Term 1 of 2021 and involve every student receiving a weekly session of tennis coaching through Pro Touch Tennis Academy. At the end of the program, there will be a family picnic on the School grounds and some short exhibition matches involving the students and teachers.

For more information contact Rob Danby on 0414616013.