2020 Gardens Tennis Committee

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Welcome to 2020 at Gardens Tennis Club!

This year Gardens Tennis faces a busy year, not only with continuing efforts to upgrade the courts, but also securing a new operator to run the centre.    

In the meantime, head down to the centre and say hi to Melissa, our temporary Administrator, who can assist you with all enquiries and program bookings. 

2020 Committee

At the Annual General Meeting in November the following members were elected to Committee positions for 2020.

President - Charles Webb

Vice President -Ruth O’Brien

Treasurer - Jamie O’Brien

Public Officer - Clare Beacham

Committee Members

Keith Ferdinands

Sarah Hain

David Logan

Lindsay Hutley

If you have some feedback or an idea for the Club we would love to hear from you!
Email: committee@gardenstennis.com.au or follow us on social media: facebook.com/gardenstennisdarwin