Membership Information


Memberships last for 1 year from date of purchase.

Renewals are automatically sent out 2 weeks before expiry if you choose to renew the membership

All memberships include Personal accident insurance through Tennis Victoria’s National Insurance Program Policy

Membership and Court Bookings

Bookings are made through the "Book a court" tab above for members and non-members

Bookings for members are free unless booking at night. There is a $5 per hour fee at night for members

Bookings for non-members cost $10 per hour during the day or $18 per hour at night.

All bookings for members and non-members are subject to availability of courts. Please note that competition and coaching (Fit4Tennis, see coaching tab) does take precedence. 

For more information on bookings, please head to the "Book a court" tab followed by the "Information" tab. 


Members are welcome to bring along a non-member to play with them at a charge of $5 per person. All participants are to be added into the booking. Please note this is monitored. The committee has the ability to deny access to the courts for anyone abusing this.


Dandenong Tennis Club follows Tennis Australia's privacy policy. All personal information collected by Dandenong Tennis Club is governed by this policy. Please visit for more information

Court Behaviour and Etiquette 

Our clubs premises are leased from the City of Greater Dandenong with the club and its members being responsible for the care and maintenance of both the club house, tennis courts and grounds. 

  • Correct footwear is to be worn (no black sole runners)

  • Members must book a court and adhere to some basic rules. Playing only during your booking time, closing the gate behind you before and after play and not letting in anyone who is not involved in your booking. 

  • All rubbish must be placed in the bins

  • Chairs are not to be taken onto the courts from the clubhouse.  There are chairs already on the courts that are suitable for the surface.

  • Players are to respect other players and behave in an appropriate manner