Club Update - May

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A quick club update!

You may have noticed the building site in the car park, pretty hard to miss, I suppose. The council are rebuilding the retaining wall and will fix the paling fence behind the club rooms. This area should be all shiny and new by the end of this week.  

Night Tennis 

As you will be aware, we have installed the Book a Court system prior to Christmas and there have been some difficulties with the automated lighting. Marrying new technology with very old infrastructure has had its challenges.  On top of this, we are having great difficulty in securing trades to perform maintenance (eg the globes and and associated parts on Courts 2 and 6) - both should be fixed tomorrow - 4 May) Whilst this has been very frustrating, but to be fair, our trades have experienced Covid absences and logistical problems securing parts, affecting us no differently to the rest of the community. Please stick with us as we work to resolve these matters.

Also, with night Tennis, please use one of these code to access the gate, regardless of whether someone is already there. (Otherwise your lights won't come on!)

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 0175#

Tuesdays 0112# 

Longer term regarding the lighting, we had a meeting with Council and they committed to sending an engineer to assess our equipment. We view this a first step in securing Council commitment for new lighting. Naturally this will take some time, however Council at least acknowledging the problem is a significant step. 

Juniors are back up and running after the Easter break. With winter around the corner we have had one of our 'super soppers' repaired, the other 2 should be back in A1 condition very soon.

Thank you everyone