Book a Court **NOW LIVE**

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Welcome to the Book a Court system. We are now **LIVE**

Please refer to the instructions attached to the email on how to use Book a Court. All casual play must be booked prior to arriving at the courts, including members.

Some things to keep in mind, these can be a little complicated, but necessarily so. We have been surprised already by the level of sophistication built into the system.

When coaching or competition is on, the gate will be unlocked for the duration. Parents/Opposition players/ Spectators can come and go as they please. There is no need to hold the gate open with a heavy object.

Lighting is now fully automatic and controlled by your booking PIN.  This means, if you have a booking while coaching or competion is on, please always use your PIN to enter, regardless, even if the gate is unlocked, otherwise your lights will not turn on. The old light switches in the club rooms no longer exist, lights will come on at dusk, only if you have entered your PIN.

The weather is something to consider when selecting your court. If you have been a member for any length of time you will be well aware the courts adjacent to Lower Plenty Rd (Courts 1,2 and 3) are prone to washout very quickly. The courts closest to the soocer field (4,5 and 6) are a much safer option. If your booking is at night, the lights are set to be court specific. i.e. If you book Courts 1 or 2 at night, lights will come on for those 2 courts only. If you feel weather may be a factor, it is recommended you alter your booking prior to arriving. 

Please share with us any problems you encounter and we will get onto it as soon as we can. Like any IT upgrade,  there can be difficulties in the transition. Overall, this is a really exciting development for the club, benefiting all stakeholders.

If you have allowed your membership to lapse, hopefully you will have received an invitation and will consider joining  us again. (Please refer to previous news item regarding how we have managed the COVID interruption as it applies to memberships). 

Thank you for your attention and enjoy.