Book your court


Book from –  7:00am – 10:00pm (lights automatically activate from 5:00pm at present)

Cost: $10 per hour 7am-5pm     Cost $15 under lights 5pm-10pm

SUGGESTION : PLEASE BOOK ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE to ensure your 4 digit code works. Our online booking system does not always activate straight away which means you could be waiting for up to 45 minutes. To avoid this possibility, we suggest that you book your time slot well in advance.

REMINDER: We want you to enjoy your tennis however, if you play over your booked time slot or on an unpaid court, any injuries you may sustain will not be covered under Sportcover Australia Policy No: PMEL990072947

Tennis is a sport everyone can enjoy, and it’s easy to pay & play at The Jim Elphick Tennis Centre…so grab a racquet ‘Book a Court’ and have a hit with your family and friends any time you like. Enter the facility through secured gates, day or night. 

When you book a court online we’ll send you a ‘four digit’ PIN to access the court/s you have booked. REMEBER to press the ARROW button and push/or pull the gate hard to open.

If it rains or you could not play or get proper access the courts, or lights fail, please send a quick sms to let us know and we’ll happily refund your payment the following day: 0422 632 026

Restrooms: If the clubhouse and gates are shut over the weekends or during unstaffed hours, this generally means you cannot access the Tennis Club’s Restrooms. Please use the public restrooms at Bolton Park.