COVID-19 Conditions of play

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We're delighted to be able to re-open our courts - SUBJECT TO STAGE 3 RESTRICTIONS as of Saturday 11 July 2020

There are  COVID-19 stage 3 conditions of play that allow us to re-open and stay open. We all need to strictly adhere to these in order to keep our tennis courts available,  and most importantly to keep our community safe. Adherence is a strict condition of play, which will be closely monitored and enforced:  

1. Before you book: If you are unwell or have any COVID-19 type symptoms, you MUST stay home. 

2. Booking : 

  • Bookings are a must.
  • Please use Book a Court via our website to make bookings. If you get stuck, please contact Michelle via text on 0432 998 020.
  • Please book at least 25 mins prior to the time you want to play. 
  •  Maximum of 2 players per court. Maximum of 10 people at the tennis club. 

3. Player details (for contact tracing): 

  • You must tell us the first name and contact phone number for all players and people playing and/or who will enter the club. This is a critical requirement for contact tracing - so no exceptions.
  • There are 2 ways to do this: 
  •         You can get each player to register for our booking system (it's easy!). Then it's as simple as a couple of clicks to add them to your booking as your additional player
  •         Alternatively, you can email the session time, first name & phone number for each player to us at or text it to 0432 998 020  PRIOR to play.
  • Note - We are not applying any 'extra person' charges to court hire. Unlike some clubs, you pay for the court, not the number of people.

4. The Clubhouse is closed. There are no toilets or drinking fountains etc available for this period. 

4. Social distancing of 1.5 metres is to be observed at ALL times (when arriving, when on court, when leaving).

  • Arrive as close as possible to your booking time and leave at your booking end time.  Don't hang around.  Key messag e is ARRIVE, PLAY, LEAVE.
  • Practice social distancing on arrival and departure. 1.5 metres.
  • No social gatherings allowed and no spectators in the venue.
  • A supervising parent or guardian for juniors is still good - but we ask you to stay outside & observe social distancing. The car park provides great visibility of  the courts.

Here's a summary Checklist:  

When booking: Make sure you're familiar with the COVID-19 conditions of play. By making a booking you're accepting these conditions.  Book at least 20 mins prior to your start time. Add the first name and phone number for all players into the booking, OR email this info to prior to play. Remember no more than 2 people per court for court hire, and we're not applying 'extra person' charges. 

Before leaving home Wash your hands well. Check you have your drink bottle and any equipment you'll need, towels, balls etc (no sharing of equipment allowed). Check you have your hand santiser to bring with you. Use the bathroom. If you're unwell, you must stay home.

When you arrive: Arrive as close as possible to your booking start time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car. Use the pin pad and gate to enter then club, then use hand sanitiser immediately after entry.  Only use the court that you have booked. Don't any surfaces other than absolutely necessary - and refrain from touching your face.  The clubhouse, toilets and outdoor seating are all closed and cannot be used.

When playing: Singles only !  Remember max 2 people per court. Practice 1.5 metres social distancing on court also including when changing ends. No high fives, no handshakes (tap racquets instead if you like!).  DO NOT bag the courts. The committee and coach will do this once per day.  Try to avoid touching your face. Use handsanitiser through play as relevant. Be safe, enjoy, and leave immediately after play.

When leaving: Practice social distancing upon exit. Make sure you have all of your equipment, tennis gear, tennis balls, drink bottles etc and take them with you. Put any rubbish in the bin (e.g. empty disposable drink bottles, empty ball cans or can lids). 

Head home safely, and let us know any feedback!