Stockton Tennis club Championships

Starting Date: Saturday 26th September     Finishes: Sunday 25th October (Weather permitting) 

Entries close:   Sunday 20th September @ 5.00pm


Men's or Ladies Singles

Men's or Ladies Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Men's or Ladies Special Doubles

Mixed Special Doubles

Junior/Senior Special Doubles

Please note: 

For those new to the club, you can participate in any of the following events.

Depending on the number of entries the events will be run in Division’s 1, 2 & 3

  • Singles, Men’s or Ladies Doubles & Mixed Doubles in your current grading. You can choose your own partner or grading committee will try and find a partner for individual entries
  • Special Men’s or Ladies Doubles & Mixed Doubles. Only individual entries are taken and the players are paired with the top rated player partnering the lowest rated player, then working inwards to pair the other combinations.
  • Senior/Junior. This is an opportunity for the juniors to play up to 3 sets of tennis per match with a senior member. Family or friend combinations can be played or individual entries will be matched to even out the combinations. NOTE: The junior age is 16 and under at the start of the Club Championships

For More information please contact Geoff Smith on 0418 779 092 or Peter Naude on 0439 646 435 

If you wish to enter the Championships please clink on the "FORM" link at the top of this page, complete the form and submit it - Thanks