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Membership Fees

At the Annual General Meeting a resolution was passed to change the membership structure and fees for the Serpell Tennis Club, that will commence from January 1st, 2024.
Currently the club has five financial Membership Categories, being Junior, Student, Senior, Casual and Family plus the Life Members. Each membership class is priced differently. 

Commencing from the start of the new Membership Year (Jan 1, 2024) there will be just one membership category and membership fee.  (excluding Life Members) . All members will be "Members" and pay the same amount, $125.00. The change to the membership will mean that there is no differentiation between memberships.

Members who wish to play in organised competition tennis, either through the ERTA (Juniors and Seniors weekend day times), mid-week night tennis with BDNTA or other Associations, (Seniors weekday night tennis), UTR Sunday Social will be required to pay $5.00 for each match played at Serpell Tennis Club. (Night Tennis Teams already pay this fee as part of their game day payments, so there will be no additional charge for Night Tennis players).
Junior and Senior players in weekend competition will now be required to pay $5 per player, per home game. The $5 will cover the cost of team registration, balls, and court usage. Only team members who play will be required to pay.  
Family membership fees are determined by the number of family members who join, with a discount offered when two or more members join: 

  • A family of two will receive a 30% discount (2 x $125 = $250 less 30% =  $175)

  • A family of three will receive a 40% discount (3 x $125 = $375 less 40% =  $225)

  • A family of four will receive a 50% discount (4 x $125 = $500 less 50% =  $250)

  • A family of 5 or more will pay $300

  • (Family Members must be related and live at the same address) 

This new membership fee structure will ensure that Serpell Tennis Club remains one of the most affordable clubs in the area and provides a much simplified pricing structure.

Another change that was approved at the AGM is the implementation of "date of anniversary" memberships. Historically we have run an annual membership year, where all memberships become due on the same date. This created the need to have a pro-rata system to accomodate members who join part way through the membership year.

To address this issue, all new members will have their own unique membership date, based on the date they joined the club. For example, if a member joins the club on May 17th, 2024, then their membership renewal date will be May 17th, 2025.

All current members will have January 1st as their membership anniversary date.