Membership Category Fee
Senior $185
Junior/Student $130
Family $475
Pensioner $130
Social*  $60


Membership Form - Club-Membership-Form Rev Aug 2023 (can be printed or filled out electronically)

Membership Fees for 2022/2023 – 1st (small) increase since 2008!

*Social membership allows use of courts/lights and access to club events. Full membership required to participate in Pennant competitions.

It is critical that everyone understand that it is the objective of our Club to make tennis available to absolutely everyone. Therefore if our fees are causing financial hardship to any member, or potential member, we would be happy to provide an instalment program or to discuss any other means of making their membership more affordable. Club President, Robin Lowe, can be contacted for a strictly confidential chat on 0418 514 788 if fees are an issue for anyone.