AGM 2023

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The Club held its 2023 AGM on Sunday 22 October.  

The President reported that the club has continued to go from strength to strength. She highlighted the hours and hours of volunteer time spent in maintaining the courts to ensure the Club is inviting to members and visitors, and identified a number of key volunteers at the Club.  Key upgrades to the Club during the year were the new kitchen, bathroom renovations, new shade structures between the courts, and maintenance of the hitting wall. Click to see the full President's Report.

The Treasurer reported that the Club was in a sound financial position, sufficient to cover ongoing maintenance and upgrades, including the significant costs of resurfacing Courts 3 and 4, scheduled for 2028-29.

The Membership Secretary reported there were 304 members as at 30 June 2023, a similar number to June 2022. 

The AGM decided on a membership fee increase for adults and families in 2024-25, but no increase in fees for juniors and young adults. Annual adult membership fees will increase to $190 for 2024-25, and annual family fees will have a commensurate increase to $380. This will keep fees for the Club similar to comparable tennis clubs in Canberra. The increase is in line with general consumer price inflation, enabling the Club to continue to maintain its high standard of courts and surrounds.