Our Ladies Twilight Tales: A Season of Laughter and Victory!

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Cheers and applause echoed through the club as Team 6 emerged victorious, seizing the coveted title and clinching the vintage Evonne Goolagong tennis racquet. This prestigious trophy, steeped in history and tradition, will now find its home with the winning team, acting as a guardian of their triumph for the year ahead.


Throughout the season, comradery flourished, and laughter filled the air as players battled it out on the court with the banter continuing into the club rooms! And what better way to celebrate these moments than with an unforgettable dinner provided by The Corner 3114. With delectable dishes and a special tennis-themed cocktail to raise a toast to friendship and sports-womanship!



As we bid adieu to our inaugural season, we wish to thank all the local women who have supported the night and we cherish the friendships strengthened. Here’s to many more seasons filled with laughter, triumphs, and the joy of tennis!


Lady Twilighters will continue throughout 2024 with social tennis every Thursday 7.00pm during school terms.