Let's give a standing ovation to the unsung heroes of our club!

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From Murray Hamilton, whose dedication to our juniors is as steadfast as a ball machine on full power, to Kelly and Felicity, the dynamic duo who initiated Lady Twilighters with more energy than a hyperactive Jack Russell on caffeine.

And let's not forget Tony Gibson, whose fingerprints have been all over the Men's Twilighters competition since Pat Cash was just a boy dreaming of winning Wimbledon. Tony, we salute you for your tireless efforts, your strategic prowess, and for reminding us all that tennis isn't just a sport, it's a way of life (and sometimes a way to avoid doing chores at home).

To each and every member and parent who contributes their time, energy, and occasional backhand slice to our club, we thank you from the bottom of our tennis-loving hearts. You make our club more than just a place to swing racquets; you make it a vibrant community filled with laughter, friendship, and maybe the occasional racquet-smashing frustration (hey, we're all human!).


See you on the Courts.