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What is Tennis 4 Teens?

Tennis 4 Teens is a non-competitive, stress-free, fun, social program that offers participants activities both on and off court. Tennis 4 Teens is a program designed by teens, for teens and has the following values at its core

  • Youth have a “say” in the activities conducted in a session
  • Social element pre and/or post on court play
  • Flexible i.e. drop in/out/Pay As You Go
  • 1 – 1/12 hours per session (including all social activities)
  • Active Facilitator
  • Use of an online platform through tennis 4 teens website to sign up to sessions

This program has been made possible as a result of funding we received from Tennis Victoria and  VicHealth. They have developed a program that encourages youth aged between 12-17 years to be active in a non-competitive/social environment. More details on what the program is about can be found at, in particular the 3 videos on the About page.