Juniors - more information

Junior Competition - Saturday and Sunday mornings with Waverley District Tennis Association.

ANZ Hot Shots competition - Sunday mornings with Waverley District Tennis Association.


Seniors - more information

Senior Competition - Saturday afternoons with Waverley District Tennis Association .

Tennis Victoria Pennant Senior Competition - Saturday afternoons.



Blackburn and District Night Tennis Association - Thursday evenings.


Social Play & Visitors - more information

MWTC offers several opportunities to have a social hit of tennis with members and also the ability to book an available court to play with your friends.   At all times Competition play and official club events have priority over Social play.



Court Availability - please click here and view via date

Attire - All players must wear appropriate tennis attire and footwear at all times.  No....  singlets, bare chests, jeans, bare feet, work wear, rippled soled shoes, high heeled shoes.

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