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Court Entry

The courts are secured with combination padlocks. After booking the system will advise you of the combination for the lock.  Please make sure you lock the gate after use.


We charge extra for evening bookings to cover the cost of lights.  Currently, the lights have to be turned on and off by the club, which can be done remotely by contacting Jeremy on 0411 580 903 or Addy on 0407 441 073

Rackets and balls

We have some racquets and balls for you to borrow free of charge but please make sure you return them.  They are in the steel chest under the seat to the left of the door into the clubhouse.  The combination is the same as for the courts and will be supplied to you when you make a booking.

Please make sure you return everything for others to use (if you lose a ball it is not a big issue) and reset the combination lock