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Day Time Bookings

All courts not already booked are available to be booked.  No pin number is required to access your booked court. Bookings may be cancelled up to 2 prior to the booking start time by using the "Manage my Bookings" tab in the confirmation email that was generated with the booking. Cancellation will automatically refund the full amount to the debit/credit card used. Any issues, please email the Club Secretary at

Night Time Court Booking Courts 10,11 & 12

Only courts 10, 11 & 12 are available for public booking after 7pm.  To show these courts on the booking page you will need to scroll right until they appear.  Select the time from the available courts and click on to make your booking.  When the booking is confirmed an 8 digit pin number will be provided.  The 8 digit pin number will need to be entered on the external keypad followed by the # key. (e.g. 12345678#) If entered correctly a green light will appear for a few seconds on the strip above the keypad. An incorrect code will display as a red light briefly. The keypad is on the clubhouse side of the large green cubicle near the path beside court 7. The lights on the court will come on a few minutes before and go off a few minutes after your booked time.